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cloud watching club

When I was younger, I thought it seemed incredibly magical to lay back and watch the clouds go by. This followed me into my teens, though for much more "intending to craft a whimsical self-image" reasons. (Forgive me my quirky teenage transgressions, haha.)

But even in the here and now, I wish that cloud watching was a past time I stopped to enjoy more often. There's something so easy to the joy of it. A meditative moment, a creative moment, a grounding moment - Here is where I am, here is what is above me, here is the meaning that I make of it.

I suppose that in some ways, this might seem boring, but there's a creative muscle to flex, and I've always enjoyed that aspect. And - wow! - the ways that clouds layer and move. It's so simple - so everyday - and yet it makes a piece of me just quake with happiness.

Thin, gauzy veils of clouds. Big, cottony blooms. Long, wide layers that look like fresh, tilled soil that little cloud vegetable have been planted in!!! Rolling, grey, menacing towers of cloud. Cool white, soft purple, deep blue, shades of sweet sorbet. Are you joking with me? How lucky for us, that we have this beautiful phenomenon.

I try to find everyday joys; things I can be thrilled about on a frequent basis. So, yeah - I've been making cloud watching one of them! If I see a particularly good cloud, I snap a photo and save my favorites into an album on my phone so I can look back at them later. A party-of-one cloud watching club! Here are a few clouds that I've recently enjoyed.

Evening sky with several fluffy, crescent shape clouds and one long, wispy cloud. The sun is reflecting off of the fluffy clouds. There are a few treetops in the bottom right corner.

Evening sky with many layers of clouds. One large cloud in the background is lit up by the sun. The other clouds are closer in frame and unlit. There is a line of treetops across the bottom of the image.

Good luck out there,

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