reverie v. reality

plea to a magic eight ball

tell me there's some kind of meaning.

concentrate and ask again

please, is there a single damn meaning in all of this?

most likely

most likely? really? you can't give me anything clearer than that?

my sources say no

well, can you at least tell me if I'm, like, on the path to finding meaning?

outlook good

and if I'm a good person?

it is decidedly so


most likely

...are you just telling me what I want to hear?

signs point to yes

probability versus reality....twenty sides on a dice…and it's a fucking toy. oh, what am I doing?

reply hazy, try again

stop with the vaguely realistic responses!

my reply is no

it's just me; I'm making meaning from nothing. it's just me.

as I see it, yes

...and you're kind of an asshole.


and you can't even tell me anything useful.

don't count on it

then what even is the point of you?

better not tell you now

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