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further cloud appreciation

Out in the world looking for beautiful things again.

Here are some more clouds that I loved and wanted to share.

Early evening sky with several dozen small, fluffy clouds. Clouds near the bottom are closer together and brighter from the sunlight. Some treetops appear across the bottom.

(I thought this cloud pattern was very cool! I don't often see these little dispersed clouds! Typically it's either really wispy ones or the really big, fluffy ones.)

• • • •

Sky with many wispy clouds across the background, over a blue sky. In the foreground, there are one or two big clumps of clouds. There are some treetops across the bottom.

Afternoon sky with many large white clouds around the edges, and some smaller clouds in the middle. The sun is hidden slightly behind two clouds in the upper right corner. There are powerlines across the bottom.

(I am a lover of a classicly big-puffy-marshmallow-y cloud. What can I say? It looks like it would be so comfortable to sleep on. Wish life was like the cartoons.)

• • • •

Morning sky with several large clouds across it. The clouds are gray, with bright orange underneath from the rising sun. There are two powerlines across the top, and a treetop at the bottom.

(I like cloud watching on my way to work. It's just a nice start to the day. I wanted to take a picture this morning, because it was so beautiful, but I couldn't quite get my camera to capture exactly what I was seeing, so here's a morning cloud pattern from a little while ago.)

• • • •

Hmmm…I do kind of wish I had some kind of insight into clouds to share, but honestly I’m so sleepy and I just wanted to share something nice tonight.

Hope you enjoyed.

Good luck out there,

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