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fall favorites

I admit to being a lover of all things Fall and Halloween - and, furthermore, I admit to being a serial seasonal-rewatcher.

There are certains shows and books that I feel drawn back to at different times of the year, and when I accidentally slip on revisiting them, I get a little annoyed with myself for making me wait another year to find that seasonal niche where the revisit feels best.

So, when October and November roll around, here are a few of the things I try my best to make time to enjoy:


Over the Garden Wall

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell



Little Monsters

Scary Godmother


Pumpkin Bread

Anyway, I threw this together on the fly, because I realized we're almost halfway through October!

If you'd like to tell me about your favorite seasonal revisits, I'd seriously love to hear about them! I'm always so curious about what other people love enough to come back to over and over. If you feel compelled, please tell me about them at falsereverie (at) proton (dot) me!

Good luck out there,

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